BARBARI Herbals are weed’s best friend. Thoughtfully crafted to support mind, body, and energy with a bouquet of flavorful botanicals, their selection of loose-leaf Herbal Blends and THC pre-rolled Herbal Spliffs help you set the height of your high. Intended to be mixed with bud or enjoyed on their own, Barbari’s formulated herbal blends let you customize your high and find the right vibe. Their line of low-dose Herbal Spliff prerolls is made with organic botanicals and cannabis provides an uplifting and invigorating experience for those social moments or solo smoke breaks. Welcome to the new dimension of smoking, where the days of getting too high are a distant memory. 

Barbari is for those that want to get lifted, but keep their feet on the ground. The professional, parent, student, or artist who likes to use canna­bis as an ingredient to their life. It's flavorful and aromatic: your everyday smoke-break essential.Barbari THC Muse Herbal Spliff: Two .6g spliffs per unit

Barbari Herbal Blends: Dubbed Weed's Best Friend, Barbari Herbal Blends are weed-free and intended to be mixed with your own dose of cannabis for a customizable herbal smoke sesh.

Perfect for those looking for a tobacco replacement, moderate their dose, or create a curated high