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Jarrod Kaplan
Jarrod Kaplan

Jarrod Kaplan is the owner and garden master behind SugarTop Buddery. Jarrod has been growing medical cannabis in Eugene for almost a decade and is committed to providing the highest quality cannabis products to patients and recreational consumers.

In addition to his passion for growing cannabis, Jarrod is a world class drummer who has traveled extensively with renowned acts for the past 30 years. He played with Hanuman, Trillian Green, Devachan and was a founding member of Taarka among others. In 2007/2008 Jarrod worked with and conceptualized the Cirque du Soleil show Kooza. Over the years, he has performed with a considerable number of notable artists.

His musical collaborations include, but are not limited to, performances with artists such as:

Tony Levin (Bass Legend), Trey Gunn (King Crimson: Warr Guitar), Tony Kaltenberg, Michael Manring (Bass Legend)), Joe Craven (David Grisman Band), Bela Fleck, Paul Hanson (Flecktone Bassoonist), Zenith Patrol, The CA Guitar Trio, Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, David Jacobs-Strain (Prodigy Blues Guitarist), Ben Folds (Pop Star), Skerik (Sax Freak), Mike McCredy (Pearl Jam), Scott Mercado (Candlebox), Tony Furtado, Paul McCandless, Keller Williams, String Cheese Incident, Yonder Mountain String Band, The Zen Tricksters, ALO (The Animal Liberation Orchestra), Sunny Day Real Estate (Seattle), Jon Fishman (Phish), The Everyone Orchestra, Jamie Janover, Scott Law (Guitar), Paul Benoit (Guitar), Omar Torrez (Guitar), Dan Bern (Singer/Songwriter), Shannon Moore (Singer/Songwriter), Baby Gramps (Legend), Artis the Spoonman (Legend), Chris Chandler (Poet/Performer extraordinaire), Leftover Salmon, Running With Scissors (Seattle/L.A.), and The Sugarbeets (Eugene, OR).

Jarrod brings his skill and love for the performing arts to the operations of SugarTop Buddery, emphasizing dedication, pride and integrity in everything he does.

"Integrity in my friendships, business relationships and regarding the quality of the work I, and my employees do, is of utmost importance to me. We enjoy & take great pride conceptualizing and creating products we release from the garden…"

Jarrod's passion for cannabis and music coexist in the philosophy and essence of the SugarTop Brand.

"Cannabis heals on many levels and Cannabis brings people together, much like the way Music does. There are many parallels, not only with the way they both affect people, but also with regard to how the quality of each is more potent when created with love & from a place of integrity. Practice or work hard with good intention and the effects of the the end product are positively more potent… "

"Like Music, Cannabis is also something to be shared and celebrated…

There is nothing greater than the bond people feel when we come together for a shared experience… Whether it be rallying for a cause or relating/being moved in mass by the emotions expressed through art or music… Expanded consciousness enhanced by Cannabis can greatly aid people's openness and willingness to share thoughts & bond."

Anna Kaplan
Anna Kaplan

Anna Kaplan is the business and operations manager in the brother-sister duo that is SugarTop Buddery. Anna is a trained oil painter and sculptor with a Master of Fine Arts from The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, a Post Baccalaureate Graduate Certificate from the Maryland Institute College of Art and her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Anna also worked for several years managing a local, farmhouse-style restaurant and whiskey bar in Philadelphia. Born and raised in North Carolina, Anna moved to Eugene from Philadelphia in the winter of 2014. Since landing in Oregon she has helped conceptualize, design and create what is now the SugarTop Buddery brand.

"Cannabis elevates, heals and inspires - just as the mediums of art and music. It goes without saying that the two feed one another."